Bucharest motorhomes rental





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Premium motorhome
Models made in 2019 and 2020

  • 4 + 2 and 2 + 2 homologated seats
  • Stationary air conditioning, apart from the cabin
  • Solar panel to increase the autonomy in off-camping
  • 4G Internet and TV signal even when driving

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Since you'll need a powerful car with a hook to pull a caravan, you don't need anything for a motorhome. The driver's cabin is integrated with the living area. Not to mention the handling, the motorhome is driven much easier and is parked way much easier than a caravan, especially when going backwards.
Yes, you may drive the motorhome with a type B driving license. However, you need to have an at least 7 years old driving license and be between 25 and 65 years old. This is an internal CamperTeam decision. Even if it has an imposing appearance, the motorhome is below 3.5 tones.
In general, the diesel consumption is between 10-13 l/100 km. The fuel consumption is not high, considering the motorhome's outlook. The maximum speed for a safe drive would be between 100-110 km/h.
Yes, we can get/take over the motorhome to/from a specific location. This service requires an additional cost.
There is a guarantee of 2.500 lei/trip which will be blocked on the credit/debit card issued on the rental contract holder. The amount will then be returned (in maximum 48 hours) upon handing over of the motorhome in the same conditions. CamperTeam does not request nor keep information regarding the ID of the cardholder. They will be processed by an authorized processor. CamperTeam does not accept payments in cash.
Sure, you just have to make sure the other driver meets the basic conditions. You also have to make sure the other driver is responsible enough to drive the motorhome in safe conditions.
The motorhome capacity is up to 6 people. All the 6 seats are homologated. However, your comfort in the motorhome varies according to the season. During the summer, when you spend more time outside the motorhome, 6 people can easily travel. During the cold season, when most of the time will be spent indoors, we recommend a maximum of 4 people.
Yes, you can drive it anywhere within the European Union area, if you let us know when you make the booking, so that we can prepare the respective documents for you.
You can pay by bank transfer or online by card through a secured link. CamperTeam does not accept payments in cash. In order to secure your booking, 30% of the total amount is required to be paid when booking and the remaining of 70% with minimum 15 calendar days prior to the motorhome takeover. All the payments will be made in RON at the official exchange rate of the National Bank of Romania valid on the date of issue of the invoice.



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